Frequently Asked Questions



How much does each session cost?    

The first session is a consultation and is free of charge, thereafter each one hour session cost € 30.


Can I stay with my child?

Due to the current Covid-19 situation only the child will be allowed in the Tutor Room during each session, I hope you can understand this.


When do I get feedback?

After a session I talk with each parent about progress and achievements with your child, as encouragement is vital in the progress of the child.


Do you work with other professionals?

I will work and communicate with your child’s Multi-disciplinary team, teacher and SNA when required.


Do you only work with children with special needs?

No, I also work with children who simply need a little extra help in areas such as reading, writing, maths, and confidence building.


How often can I bring my child?

Most parents bring their child at least once a week, some take two sessions a week but it is totally up to you.


Do you work through the school summer holidays?

Yes, I work all year round with the occasional week off, but I give plenty of notice to parents.


What are your working hours?

I work Monday to Friday 9.30 am to 5.30 pm


What methods of payment do you take?

I accept cash or cheque payable at the end of each session. Some parents like to pay monthly in advance at the first session of each month.


Is there parking available?

As I work from home there is plenty of parking at my house. Just drop off your child and take an hour off in the shops and cafes of Moycullen.