A child with Autism

A child with Autism and severe speech and language impairment

July 14th 2013

It was our blessing that we accidentally found out about Helen.

Our son (9 ½ years old) has a problem with communication and speech. He needs to do the work recommended by a speech and language therapist every day.  It could be very hard for a parent, and to have someone like Helen is a great relief.

Throughout the game and in a child-friendly environment our son learns how to communicate and have more confidence. His speech and language, as well as memory thrive. Derbyshire language is a great tool which she uses.

I must point out that Helen is a wonderful and friendly person who always has time to explain what they did during the session. Through our conversations and during the sessions, Helen found out about him a lot in a short time, which it has made the sessions even better.

Thanks Helen! 

Mum from Galway


  • April 4, 2017

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